4th Databeers

Yesterday I participated in the 4th Databeers event held at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. My talk was based on our latest research article for the D-CENT project: “When a Movement Becomes a Party: The 2015 Barcelona City Council Election” that examines the structural properties of the new forms of political organization that emerged from the 15M networked-movement. Besides enjoying an evening of networking and beering, I was pleased to be accompanied by the following data-speakers:

  • Marco Bressan @BBVAData
    Chief Data Scientist at BBVA and Chairman at BBVA Data & Analytics
    “Data Stories, Vol. 1: Mazamet”
  • Joana Simoes @doublebyte
    Data Scientist at Barcelona Digital – Eurecat
    “Visualizing Geolocated Tweets: A Spatial Data Mining Approach”
  • Fernando Cucchietti @thefercook
    Scientific visualization group leader at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center
    “We know what you did last Sónar”



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