Democratic Cities International Conference 2017

The Inteligencia Colectiva para la Democracia workshop mentioned in my previous post was part of Democratic Cities, a two weeks event around participation technologies to gather people from all round the globe to improve citizen engagement in democracy. The last two days, the Democratic Cities International Conference 2017 was held in Teatro Español (impressive venue!). This was the … More Democratic Cities International Conference 2017

Inteligencia Colectiva para la Democracia 2017

From November 6 to 18, I attended the Inteligencia Colectiva para la Democracia workshop at Medialab Prado. While last year my participation consisted on mentoring groups, this year I joined one of the projects as a collaborator. In particular, I was in a team with Amy X. Zhang (coordinator and creator of the early prototype), Julio Reyes, … More Inteligencia Colectiva para la Democracia 2017